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Update from LSN

Life Science Nation (LSN) will be hosting the Redefining Early Stage Investments (RESI) conference in collaboration with Johnson & Johnson Innovation, JLABS (JLABS) on September 16th in Boston. JLABS will be hosting a cocktail reception to wrap up the event.

“The JLABS event will provide a great venue for scientist-entrepreneurs and investors to get some additional networking time,” said Dennis Ford, CEO, LSN.

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Back to Boston and Bigger than Ever: RESI Conference on September 16th

The first Redefining Early Stage Investments (RESI) Conference took place on September 16, 2013, and two years later, following highly successful events in San Francisco and Houston, we return to Boston for the sixth RESI Conference. With new and returning sponsors including Johnson & Johnson Innovation JLABS, Charles River Laboratories, McDermott Will & Emory, and Wuxi AppTec, we expect this event to be the largest RESI so far, with more content and more meetings than ever.

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New Conference Focused on Early-Stage Funding Comes to Houston

The Texas Medical Center plans to host an international conference this summer to help match investors and life science CEOs. The Redefining Early Stage Investment Conference, or RESI, will take place June 8 at TMCx, the Texas Medical Center’s new accelerator and co-working space.

RESI, based out of Boston, plans to feature a variety of investor-types, including angels, venture capitalists, private endowments and corporate venture arms looking for new technology to invest in, according to a statement…

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JP Morgan Healthcare Conference Becomes A Shopping Mall For Wall Street

The past week, San Francisco was overrun with more neckties than the city has ever seen at one time. In customary form, the annual JP Morgan Healthcare Conference kicked off a global, multiday shopping spree and advertising expo for large and small, traditional and boutique, biotech and life science companies, and the investors who love them. It even draws thousands of entrepreneurs who head to San Francisco in spite of not gaining entry to JP Morgan, in the hope of rubbing some meaningful elbows at the numerous after-parties…

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How One Company Found their Lead Investor through a Cold Call

The funds have started rolling into Parabase Genomics from its new round of financing. The company, which launched from the UMass VDC, offers a rapid, non-invasive genetic test for newborns for hundreds of inherited disorders. What’s surprising isn’t that the company was funded, but how it found the lead investor – through a cold call.

The Myth of the Referral: Conventional wisdom is that if someone doesn’t refer you, investors won’t talk to you. A referral from another company at the UMass VDC got Parabase in front of Walnut Venture Associates which participated in the round. But the lead investor, SXE Ventures, based in Hong Kong, was solicited cold…

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Meet Family Offices Investing Directly in Life Science

Umass Boston Venture Development Center

Family offices (which have $100 million to $1 billion or more in total assets) investing directly in life science often have a ‘keep below the radar’ mentality, as financial confidentiality and protecting proprietary strategies are of great importance to them. However, all investment entities need some visibility to attain deal flow.

At Life Science Nation’s third Redefining Early Stage Investments Conference on September 17, 2014, leaders from five family offices around the world gathered under the same roof, answering questions such as: Why do family offices invest directly? How do they assess early stage opportunities? How do you find family offices? How do you build a quality relationship with a family office? Do family offices do deals with third party fundraising partners? How important is branding and messaging?…

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Emerging Sources of Early-Stage Life Science Funding Embrace the Role of ‘Venture Catalysts’


It was nice to hear one healthcare executive and investor after another respond to the question, “what are your key priorities when evaluating a deal?” with the answer, “really compelling science.”

I’ve often heard VCs and angel investors cite the importance of large addressable markets and talented executive teams as key considerations to a deal, along with compelling technology. But the different dynamics among different investors really came to the surface at today’s Life Science Nation’s Redefining Early-Stage Investments conference in Boston, which focused on alternative sources of funding…

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Emerging Trends For Family Offices: Fund Of Funds Or Direct Investments?

Seeking Alpha

There seems to be a trend for Family Offices going into 2014. There is much more concern after the high risk, high failure climate the industry has been rattled with in most recent years which has required Family Offices to rethink their wealth management and investment strategies.Dennis Ford, CEO of Life Science Nation comments in a recent article…

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