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Focus on Cures Accelerator and Entrepreneurs Academy

MKT 466: Developing Scientist/Entrepreneurs Marketing and Sales Skills for a Capital Raise

FOC Accelerator helps high growth international startup companies move into the global partnering arena through a two-week Boston based immersion program integrated into LSN’s Redefining Early Stage Investments Conference Series.

The program develops and takes executive teams to the next level by spending focused time so that they can adroitly position their company and product set for the global partnering. This means having a lucid, easy to understand story. The key to this is implementing world class branding and messaging specifically aimed at their potential fundraising and channel partners. 

FOC’s main goal is to get the key executive team proficient in rudimentary sales, marketing and business development skills needed to attain series A and B round capital.

FOC teaches the fundamentals of phone and email canvassing so that they can create a dialogue and develop relationships with partners that are a fit for their technology and stage of development.

FOC staff provides one-on-one coaching, tailored for each company’s needs. At the end of FOC’s two-week immersion course, the executive team will have a vetted global target list (GTL) of partners that are a fit for them, an up-and-running CRM infrastructure to manage and track the status of that list, proficiency in pitching their firm and an intimate understanding of the firm’s capital needs and the financing deal they want to structure. 

An integral part of the two-week immersion course is reaching out and, through warm and cold calls, establishing a dialogue with the right partners on their global target list.  By the end of the course they will have set up a round of 8-12 meetings and have a lucid game plan to meet their first round of partner meetings. 

The FOC staff and partners who participate in this training course are all currently major players and active in the life science business arena. There are no consultants or retired executives in this program.

LSN Focus on Cures (FOC) Accelerator

FOC Program Benefits Include:


  • Tactical advice on how the cross-border global partnering arena works
  • A thorough understanding of the ten categories of early stage investors and partners including family office, foundations, endowments, angel investors, venture capitalists, private equity, strategic pharma, corporate venture, government and hedge funds.
  • Program is delivered once a quarter for two-weeks in Boston, MA. All program services, office space, class room are included in the fee. FOC Accelerator charges no success fees and takes no equity in any of the participating companies.


  • Because LSN’s RESI conference is a global partnering ecosystem built upon the two life science databases LSN staff curates, we know a lot of the major players across the silos of drugs, devices, diagnostics and digital health.
  • Increased visibility because you will be given a list of investors and partners that are a fit for your company and product. All of FOC Accelerator companies will have access to our worldwide network.
  • FOC can provide hands on support for setting up your company’s U.S. operations.


  • Finding the right partners that are a fit for your stage of development and product set is key to your success.
  • LSN has helped more than 350 companies raise over 500 million dollars. LSN products and services are used by all the core players who use LSN to source technology assets.  
  • LSN can provide a rapid entry into our world’s leading life science ecosystem and a chance find the right and partners to your firm to the next level in the life sciences market.

Your Office in Boston

  • Use of LSN co-working space in Downtown Boston for the length of the program