Focus on Cures Accelerator

FOC Accelerator

The problem that LSN is solving with the Focus on Cures (FOC) Accelerator Entrepreneurial Education is that these early life science startups, who need early-stage funding, lack a comprehensive background in business development, sales, and marketing fields which are essential to launching a campaign and growing their company.

  • There is no standardized methodology for teaching a company how to brand and message itself. There is no reliable, accurate, and current database (besides LSN’s) to get a company a list of global partners that are a fit for their stage of development and product set.
  • There is no tech hub that teaches how to get a list of global partners and then mange that list with a CRM like, nor do they teach how to prioritize that list into A, B, and C targets to go after and manage.
  • They also do not teach how to launch and stage a partnering campaign and how to make an introductory phone call or write an introductory email. Most importantly, no one teaches the holy grail of canvassing…how to follow up.