To win capital, you must stand out from the crowd. The first way to do that is to have top-notch marketing collateral. You must provide potential investors with high-quality, professional materials—materials that engage them, communicate your message clearly and concisely, and present the information they want to see in a way that helps them to decide quickly and easily if you are a potential fit for their needs.

LSN vets all of our clients’ marketing collateral and offer advice on how to refine the messaging. One of the services LSN offers is professional marketing and design consultation for fundraising life science companies, encompassing complete branding, messaging, website design and animated video. The figure below provides a list of the most common materials required to fundraise successfully.

Marketing Collateral Overview

LOGO Visually represents your company brand /
TAGLINE Distills company identity into a single line 1 line
ELEVATOR PITCH Explains offering in a short format that can be delivered within a minute 1 paragraph
EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Briefly conveys opportunity in clear and concise manner 1–2 pages
SLIDE DECK Provides more detail on offering by expanding on all major points in executive summary 10–12 slides
WEBSITE Functions as a deep dive sales pitch in an easy-to- navigate, clearly designed layout Typically a total of 5–7 tabs with subsections as required
ANIMATED VIDEO Tells your company’s story and explains your technology 2-3 minutes


LSN Branding & Messaging Portfolio

Here are samples of LSN‘s recent branding and messaging portfolio. Click on the logo designed by LSN to view the website.

Contact our Branding & Messaging Team to get an investor-centric website template for free.

LSN Video & Animation Porfolio

Immusoft Animated Video

Parabase Genomics Animated Video

Endotech Animated Video

Parabase Genomics Logo Animation

Chelation Partners Logo Animation

Immusoft Logo Animation

Immuocept Animated Video