Database Methodology

LSN Global Partnering Campaign (GPC) Database

LSN has employed a team of researchers for a decade whose job is to curate and keep the partnering database profiles up to date through one-on-one phone interviews. The LSN mantra is “data comes in two states, out-of-date and very-out-of-date”. LSN offers partner profiles, that are current, present, and future-looking, which makes them invaluable for launching and executing a successful Global Partnering Campaign.  LSN sells this database integrated with CRM to early-stage startups who are seeking capital investors who can provide seed, up to 2m, series A, 2-10m, and series B, 10-50m.  Plus, it includes all the major Big Pharma players and their licensing, co-development, and venture arms. The LSN Global Partnering Database consists of 3500 firms with 10,000 contacts.

LSN tactical value is that, in a few clicks, we can generate a target list of investors and licensing partners, ranging from 400-800 entities, LSN calls this, the Global Target List (GTL), that are a fit for a startups stage of development and product.

LSN SAAS Model Partners with

All fundraising CEOs need a global target list of partner targets that are a fit and a CRM to put them into so that they can manage and organize their global partnering campaign. LSN is a App Exchange Partner. LSN has built a client integrated into to LSNs backend server where all our partner profiles are curated and reside.

How the LSN SAAS Model Works

LSN fundraising CEOs can get the CRM client software from the app exchange. This allows the startup clients access to an LSN customized version of that not only leverages the innate CRM capability for managing their Global Partnering Campaign but has been configured to accept a download of LSN partner profiles that are a fit for the company’s stage of development and product. The LSN version of once the Global Target List is added instantaneously enables to transform into a turnkey Global Partnering Campaign application. Using the CRM to organize, manage and execute their Global Partnering Campaign and using LSN Global Target List of partners integrated with their CRM.