LSN has employed a team of researchers for a decade whose job is to curate and keep the partnering database profiles up to date through one-on-one phone interviews. The LSN mantra is “data comes in two states, out-of-date and very-out-of-date”. LSN offers partner profiles, that are current, present, and future-looking, which makes them invaluable for launching and executing a successful Global Partnering Campaign.  LSN sells this database integrated with CRM to early-stage startups who are seeking capital investors who can provide seed, up to 2m, series A, 2-10m, and series B, 10-50m.  Plus, it includes all the major Big Pharma players and their licensing, co-development, and venture arms. The LSN Global Partnering Database consists of 3500 firms with 10,000 contacts.

LSN tactical value is that, in a few clicks, we can generate a target list of investors and licensing partners, ranging from 400-800 entities, LSN calls this, the Global Target List (GTL), that are a fit for a startups stage of development and product.