LSN’s unique position in the early stage space, and the range of capabilities we have developed, provide a strong foundation for a sourcing and ranking service. By leveraging the LSN global partnering platform, SRS provides clients with a comprehensive opportunity to quickly source, vet, rank and engage with partners that are licensing technology assets. SRS allows clients to expeditiously find and de-risk early stage technology assets and to immediately focus on top-tier assets that align with their interests.

LSN has developed a unique process that works with the client’s strategic pipeline projects. By merging the LSN database with, we offer our clients a customized CRM solution. Every project is provided with a transparent cloud-based portal for real-time status of the project and views into all ongoing dialogues with all the potential firms involved in the process. Clients rave about having this 24/7 connectivity to the CRM and feel they are a part of the process. One big advantage is that LSN is global in nature, meaning all of our projects are global and not stuck in a specific region. By playing a global numbers game, our clients have access to a greater pool of technology, which casts a wider net and allows for finding the best technology. The LSN SRS product has built-in flexibility, which means you can pivot on the fly as you learn more about the early stage domains of interests.

Starting with a detailed assessment of the clients’ investment interests, LSN will conduct a global search for assets within that interest area, and LSN’s Expert Ranking System will be used to stack rank assets based on technical and business criteria (80 to 100 assets anticipated). LSN will conduct a detailed assessment of the companies holding the top 10 to 20 assets. Clients will have access to an online ‘data vault’ with all asset information.


SRS will provide clients with the following deliverables (Typical project timeline is 3 months):

  1. Source Assets: LSN Company Database (50,000 companies), 5,000 investors & portfolio companies, RESI Innovation Challenge (120+ companies every 45 days), BIC clients & partner network (NIH & Other institutions)
  2. Vet Assets: Gather asset info and profiles from LSN Company Database & company’s website and conduct one-on-one interviews
  3. Rank Assets: Comprehensive expert system and data package assembled /reviewed (100-120 assets)
  4. Deep Dive of Top Targets Finalized stack-ranking report generated from LSN’s expert system & top 10-20 asset recommendations
  5. Deal Execution Support: Work with LSN’s scientific team to choose top assets for in-licensing; Work with BD team to set terms of agreement (milestones, pricing, etc); Complete competitive landscape analysis

All the reports and asset portfolios will be housed in a secure data vault

We see significant demand for SRS in today’s rapidly evolving technology arena. Investors and other entities seeking to make investments or do acquisitions want a global view of emerging assets; they want to know which are the most promising and they want to move fast. LSN will work closely with clients to understand their investment preferences, their focus area and the market dynamics of the global markets they wish to invest in. SRS can aid multiple types of Licensees:

  • Asian entities seeking access to the US technology space
  • Strategic Partners seeking a better view of global assets in their interest area
  • Investors who lack sufficient research capabilities

LSN’s research team will work closely with clients to understand their investment preferences. Our goal is to understand our client’s focus area and align that with the global market dynamics that impact what they wish to invest in. LSN will conduct a global search for assets that fit investor criteria and then use LSN’s Expert System to stack-rank assets based on technical and business criteria. SRS will allow the client to avoid the lengthy asset research stage and immediately enter the diligence process with owners of top assets. 


Contact us now to request an SRS Proposal focused on top-tier assets that align with your interest areas.



SRS Example: Heat Map, Level 1, Level 2 & Level 3 Profiles

  • Global Heat Maps and Asset Summaries

Below showcases a search for a big pharma partner interested in sourcing global assets in the biologics for oncology space. The client specifically mandated preclinical, Phase I and Phase II assets that are in development from private biotech companies.

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  • Example of a Full Profile (Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3)

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