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Reinventing Investment: The Funding Landscape Of Life Science Shifts For Good


The legal landscape and requirements for a life sciences company to fundraise in the US are a nightmare, to put it gently. Guidelines changed recently with the Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act, and the sheer number of investment strategies for a life science startup executive to understand and pursue are staggering. Add in outdated tactics and dried up bank accounts of traditional venture capitalists (VCs), and many in the life sciences field are left jaded and skeptical about fundraising completely. Or, as Life Science Nation (LSN) Founder Dennis Ford puts it, “When I started my company, I spent 18 months traveling around the world going to tons of investor conferences, but real investors were nowhere to be found. The VCs in this space just couldn’t get any returns and no longer have the money we need.”…

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The View Beyond Venture Capital

Nature Biotechnology

Are you a researcher looking to start a new venture around a discovery made in your laboratory? Perhaps you have already raised some seed money from your friends and family and are now seeking funds to sustain and expand your startup. In the past, the next step on your road to commercialization would doubtless have been to seek funding from angels and venture capital funds; today, however, the environment for financing an early-stage life science venture looks strikingly different from that familiar landscape of past decades…

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Early Stage Life Science Investors Converge on Boston


The RESI conference will be one of the more unique events in the life sciences space this coming year. This full-day investor partnering conference is groundbreaking in that it is focused on redefining the investor landscape in early stage life sciences. The life science investor landscape has changed; venture capital has left a void and there is a plethora of new entities entering the space with capital to allocate.

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What Is It about Boston?

Cape Ray

Boston, capital of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, was settled by Puritan colonists from England in 1630. During the American Revolution, when the original 13 colonies broke away from the British Empire, the city was the scene of several key events, including the Boston Tea Party and the Battle of Bunker Hill. Nowadays, however, Boston is best known as a world leader in innovation, especially in the field of medical devices. What is it that makes this city an exceptional place for entrepreneurs?…

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Life Sciences Draw On Crowdfunding

The Soho Loft

Sep. 12, 2013 – NEW YORK – Life Science Nation has recently updated its emerging biotech timeline. Redefining its early-stage investor map is an ongoing conference series that will set up a worldwide circuit for emerging life sciences companies to source investors, establish relationships and in due course, get funding…

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