Investor Database Methodology

The Life Science Nation Investor Platform provides an efficient solution for executives seeking to raise capital in the life sciences arena. This one-of-a-kind database is collected and validated by LSN’s Investor Research team through ongoing dialogue with 5,000 investors around the globe.

The LSN Investor Research team calls deal-sourcing executives representing these investors on a quarterly basis to determine each investor’s current mandate. This one-on-one conversation revolves around a 21-point survey designed to uncover the types of opportunities that the investor is looking for.

The Investor Research team then documents the conversation, sends it to back to the investor for approval, and the fresh investment mandate is made available to LSN Investor Platform users. The research team also documents preferred form of contact and materials to be included in initial correspondence. Since LSN acts as a “filter,” investors typically request that LSN be mentioned in the introductory conversation.

The data collected by the LSN research team empowers biotech and medtech executives to generate a list of qualified global targets that are a fit for their company’s products, services, and fundraising efforts.


A sample investor mandate