Dennis Ford

Founder & CEO

Dennis Ford is an entrepreneur and author with expertise in sales, marketing, and business development. He has spent most of his career launching new companies. Over the last decade, he has worked extensively with global alternative investors interested in high-growth early-stage technologies. His expertise encompasses using database subscription services to create business solutions and using the Internet to create an interactive dialog between buyers and sellers. He is a big proponent of using profiling and matching technology to find that all-important business fit in the marketing and selling process. Before LSN, Dennis was the President and CEO of Brighton House Associates (BHA). BHA was launched in order to improve the way hedge fund and private equity fund managers raised capital and marketed their funds to investors.

Ford is the author of The Peddler’s Prerogative and The Fund Manager’s Marketing Manifesto, two well-received sales and marketing books. His latest book is The Life Science Executive’s Fundraising Manifesto.

Dr. William Kohlbrenner


Dr. Kohlbrenner is currently Chief Scientific Officer at Life Science Nation (LSN), a Boston-based company that provides a uniquely differentiated suite of services for emerging life science companies. His role at LSN involves technical vetting of potential clients and working with established clients to best position their early-stage companies for successful transactions with investors or large technology/pharma companies. He serves on the LSN Advisory Board and is Consulting Scientist for Boston Innovation Capital, an advisory firm that was spun out of LSN in 2014 to address an unmet need among early stage scientist-entrepreneurs for hands-on assistance in helping them execute fundraising campaigns in the biotech and medtech arenas.

Prior to joining LSN in 2014, Dr. Kohlbrenner was a director at AbbVie (Abbott pharma) where he was involved in identifying and pursuing external research opportunities and early-stage assets around the globe. This work included leading a global scouting team and conducting strategic assessments of early- and late-stage pipeline opportunities in multiple therapeutic areas. Earlier in his career, Bill led drug discovery research programs in several areas, including oncology, antivirals and antibacterials. As a director in the Cancer Research area, he was involved in the exploration of novel anti-cancer therapies and the identification of novel cancer targets. A major emphasis of this work was on the RNA therapy space and he led a major in-house research effort that was focused on the identification of nanotechnology-based carriers for the delivery of novel RNA cancer therapies. Bill was extensively involved in setting up and managing external collaborations with universities, research institutes and biotechs world-wide to support the projects he was leading.

Bill has co-authored numerous research articles (~60) examining the fundamental aspects of various drug targets and the molecular basis of drug action. In 2014 he was an invited member of a working group assembled by the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology (PCAST) to conduct the fifth legislatively mandated strategic assessment of the National Nanotechnology Initiative. He received his Ph.D. from the State University of New York (SUNY) and completed postdoctoral training at the Molecular Biology Institute at UCLA.